The Trousseau

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The Trousseau

The outfit of a bride, to wear on the eve of her wedding, for her loved one.

In fact, in the early 1900’s many women would spend many hours hand embroidering a special outfit to wear on the night of their wedding. Many people believe that there are many trousseau’s today, because so many men did not return from WW1 and there fore the dresses were kept unused.

I took this photo last year at Vaucluse House. It is part of a series of images that form “An Australian Love Story 1900-1920′. It was quite a complex series and i really needed more time to pull it off, how ever,the series was submitted for my Diploma of digital imaging studies. The room is shot in three parts and merged in photoshop.

Actress and Model: Samantha Sinclair ,HAMUA: Linda Thi ,Costume and Production:adelemiranda

Swimming in the garden

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Swimming in the garden yesterday with the children. So nice to play with colour, something I enjoy at the moment, in these lovely summer months. Happy New Years Eve everyone and may your New Year be safe and prosperous. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the recent air disasters. It hits so much harder when your friends family members are among the unaccounted for. May you have all have the strength to stay strong. Thinking of you today Reni.

Meet Horst

2horst (1 of 1)¬†Does the name “Horst” ring a bell to you photography enthusiasts? Well one look at Horst P Horst’s work, and you will be pulling back your clarity and re-assessing your work. It still is quite spectacular to this day.

Anyway Horst (pictured above) is from Germany (also) and has lived here for about 20 years. He is currently in remission from cancer, (lymphoma and i think bladder cancer prior). Amazing and congratulations to him. He lives here on his boat, which is not a bad life, if you love the ocean. It does bring to mind the changing living arrangements people choose, due to economic conditions more often than not. When going for a walk recently I noticed about 5 vans converted to homes for men in one car park. I hear its becoming the only way to survive for many people.