Arleen’s Art


A selection of Arleen Birk’s beautiful artwork that I have been photographing, ready for print. For sales and enquiries, or to have your artwork photographed I am contactable through my contact page or adelemiranda photography on face book, or @adele_miranda on instagram

Happily Ever After, Anniversary shooting

happily ever after2 (6 of 6)happily ever after2 (5 of 6)happily ever after2 (4 of 6)happily ever after2 (2 of 6)happily ever after2 (1 of 6)

Ive been meaning to get these up for a while, so here are a few of my faves. A very big thank you to Glen and Susan for looking so beautiful and being so much fun (sorry it didn’t rain Glen, but it wasn’t that painful was it?) Susan transformed and dyed her wedding dress for this, one very talented and creative girl, and such a good idea to do with your wedding dress’s ladies. Lighting used is my handy dandy broncolor move pack, and in mentioning that, I would also like to thank Dimitra Sis for assisting, on this rather windy afternoon.May your photographic dreams and adventures be everything and more that you have ever dreamed of (when you finish high school). For all of those interested in an anniversary shoot, my no. is 0435 939 944. 🙂

Commercial business photography

bishop_adele_blog (1 of 1) raw (733 of 747)  bishop_adele_blog8 (1 of 1)George_poss_ext_1_2 (1 of 1)

George_loc_1_fix2 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog7 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog12 (1 of 1) bishop_adele_blog4 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog3 (1 of 1) bishop_adele_blog2 (1 of 1)bishop_adele_blog1 (1 of 1)raw (717 of 747)raw (712 of 747)bishop_adele_blog11 (1 of 1) A few of my favourites from shooting the hail damage repair team in Brisbane, with my amazing co-worker Nadia D’Elia. Three premises were covered, on a very hot day, and the amazing team up there made us very welcome. If your interested in having commercial photography for your business, give me a call 0435 939 944, (Sydney)or alternatively