Found Objects

the beachm-1

The Kookaburra’s Feather, found objects.

They say that when you hear the kookaburra laugh, there will be rain within three days of the call, or the three days prior to the call. Ever since listening to this Indigenous Australian story, Ive listened, and always found this to be true.

The Train Ride


Recently on my way to work, I began chatting with this lovely group of people travelling to the MCA for the day. As I had my camera on me, and we were talking about photography, I asked if I could take your picture and place on my blog and send to you. Thank you for the beautiful photo moment. Can you please forward your email address to me, so I can forward the photo. In the mean time, I hope your outing was wonderful, and it was lovely chatting on the train.

Boambee Creek

img_1483I recently had a lovely short trip to Coffs Harbour for the oztag nationals with are held annually. After all the matches were played we met at Boambee Creek. This is one of my favourites from the afternoon. Such a gorgeous place, I would love to go back for longer.