Rocky Mountain High (Boat Harbour Really)


Boat Harbour, NSW, a beach you can drive on here. This rock is probably 1/2 the size of me but the perspective makes it appear larger. It reminds  me of Wave Rock (W.A) but with a canyon, hence the title, Rocky Mountain High.

mellow yellow in adobe RBG500ppi-1

Mellow Yellow Beach Jewels

B&WrockpoolsRGB500ppi-1Rock Pools looking like Amoeba’s

The Rosella

withredpulled backsquash112-1 withredpulled backsquash-1

This has been a little project that I started with the children when on holidays.It describes summer stuff,  and will complete a little family book Ive been working on. I think the backdrop still needs some work. I’ll see how time goes, now that I’m back on the study track. The kids are straight out of the pool, but I think I’ll try shooting earlier in the day next time too. Can’t believe how sore my fingers are from drawing.

Surf School

pam1_4x6-1 pam_&_micah-1

The surf school at Mollymook was great fun, I really felt alive. I had a double take on reality when I got dumped and it felt like my spine went into my brain, but well worth the wake up. The coach and owner of the school is the famous Pam Burridge, a very nice woman who made me feel really safe, which helped my confidence. After the school she did this amazing head stand , three times, while I ran for my camera. This must of been the last wave on the set, cause where I was surfing it was big, I’m telling you.