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Adele is a mother of four boys who moved to Southern Sydney in the mid 1990’s. Adele’s work documents her children, and her love and appreciation of family and community. Different feelings evolve from different seasons, and this is apparent in her photography. Adele migrated from the UK in the mid seventies and although she was very young, and obtained Australian Citizenship, she often views Australia through the eyes of a ‘tourist’. Adele’s stepfather introduced her to the beautiful South Australian beaches and beach culture at a young age, and her love for this culture has continued over the years. Her images often portray beach lifestyle and Australian flora; which continue to be her favoured inspiration

Published: Shoot Off, Year three winner 2017

Exhibitor: Berlin Biennial, 2016, Sydney Storm

The Louvre,  Paris, See Me Exposure Awards 2015

Published, See Me B&W Exposure Award 2015

Moran Prize Semi Finalist 2015

Julia Margaret Cameron Finalist 2015

Published 2014 AIPP emerging photographers publication (from 2013 submission)

Exhibited 50 years Captured  NSW 2014

Sydney Morning Herald, 1440 Photo Challenge, Highly Commended 2013

Australian National Portrait Finalist 2013

 Captured Exhibition Finalist 2013

ABC / UTS Green Week Finalist, Highly Commended 2012

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